Mythic Gaming (Pty) Ltd,  was founded on the 1st of November 2015 with the intention to create a platform that is dedicated to the promotion of the South African E-Sports scene. We plan to become the leading South African esports news portal and are proud to announce that we have a dedicated staff comprising of journalists, graphics designer(s) and players who all share the same goal; advancing South Africa's footprint on the global E-Sports scene

We have evolved and are proud to say that our adapated goal is to both become South Africa's leading E-Sports news portal as well as developing into a premier multi-gaming organization (MGO) that serves home to some of South Africa's top E-Sports players and also an MGO that gives back to the community through providing online cups, competitions and one-day LAN events.

A local standard for E-Sports which inspires professionalism for E-Sport events and competitions at a world-class level.

To develop a professional brand at the local infancy of a new sport through enthusiasm, passion and entrepreneurial skill.


Mythic Gaming was officially launched in 2016 by Nicholas "PHAZED" Kuhn (Owner and CEO of Mythic Gaming) and Timothy "Kuhnchun" Kuhn (Dota 2 Manager of Mythic Gaming). The goal is to create a professional E-Sports organisation that serves home to some of the best competitive gamers in South Africa while simultaneously becoming one of the most influential teams within the local eSports scene.

The 2016 year will be a year that Mythic Gaming focuses on ensuring that their brand grows from strength to strength, with the primary focus being on the establishment, progression and success of our brand. In addition to building our brand we will focus on developing our community focus - www.mythicgaminghub.co.za 

Whilst Mythic Gaming is still in its infancy we continue to grow from strength to strength and we are ambitious on what we want to achieve.


Moving forward as an MGO, we would like to expand our reach in E-Sports by fielding teams to partake in both online and LAN tournaments, as well as reaching out and aiding in the development of new E-Sports titles and providing opportunities for those scenes to grow (e.g. SMITE, Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm etc.). However, whilst our expansion as an MGO is critical, our primary objective for the 2016 year is to ensure that our promotion of E-Sports and news initiative is running fluently as well as developing a strong brand and positive image for our DOTA 2 team. 


2015: Mythic Gaming Announces it's establishment

2016: Mythic Gaming is officially launched and acquires a DOTA 2 team.