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Thu 21st Jan 2016 - 8:00am Mythic Gaming

Cape Town, South Africa - Welcome to the Mythic Gaming website. We hope you like the fresh look and feel as much as we do. After many weeks, multiple stages of testing and tedious refining, we now have the finished product thanks to 

We can’t wait to introduce you to the new interactive features of our website, but first – let’s talk a little bit about Mythic Gaming as a whole.

Introducing Mythic Gaming:

Mythic Gaming was founded on the 01st of November 2015 with the intention to create a platform that is dedicated to the promotion of the South African E-Sports scene. We plan to become the leading South African esport's news portal and are proud to announce that we have a dedicated staff comprising of journalists, graphics designer(s) and players who all share the same goal; advancing South Africa's footprint on the global E-Sports scene

We have evolved and are proud to say that our adapated goal is to both become South Africa's leading E-Sports news portal as well as developing into a multi-gaming organization (MGO) that gives back to the community through providing online cups, competitions and most importantly a home to some of South Africa's top E-Sports players.

What is the vision of Mythic Gaming?

A local standard for E-Sports which inspires professionalism for E-Sport events and competitions at a world-class level.

What is the mission of Mythic Gaming?

 To develop a professional brand at the local infancy of a new sport through enthusiasm, passion and entrepreneurial skill.

Introducing our website features:

The Mythic Gaming MGO website has the following main features:

News – The major focus for the Mythic Gaming MGO website is to facilitate the growth of our E-Sports promotion initiative for when our community site ( is down. The “News” tab will allow for our fans, gamers and followers to keep up to date with the latest news in local E-Sports and news related to the Mythic Gaming MGO, and that is exactly what you will find there

Team – The “Team” page will allow users to gain access to Mythic Gaming players and staff for informative purposes. The team page will list all official Mythic Gaming team(s), player(s) and staff members. This may include events attended and achievements obtained.

The team page will also allow users to find out where they can follow their favourite teams, keep up to date with the latest results, view our players’ configuration files and see what hardware and software are used by the Mythic Gaming players.  

Matches – The “Matches” tab allows users, fans and followers to view how our teams are performing, who they’ve played against and read up on post-match analyses prepared by our team managers.  

Achievements – The "Achievements" page provides users, fans and followers with a historic list of the Mythic Gaming achievements.

Sponsors – The “Sponsors” page will give users a summary as to who our sponsors are, a brief bio of the sponsor and links to the official website of our sponsors.

Reviews – The “Review” page allows users, fans and followers, to read up on products or games that we review.

Going Forward

Going forward into the 2016 year the primary focus of the Mythic Gaming Organisation is to ensure that our E-Sports promotion initiative, Mythic Gaming Hub, launches, that the content that we produce for the E-Sports scene is synonymous with professionalism and is at the forefront local E-Sports industry.

We would also like to provide the E-Sports community with a series of online cups that allow for growth and improvement at both the top level (premier) and lower levels (first division and open division). 

Moving forward as an MGO, we would like to expand our reach in E-Sports by fielding teams to partake in both online and LAN tournaments, as well as reaching out and aiding in the development of new E-Sports titles and providing opportunities for those scenes to grow (e.g. SMITE, Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm etc.). However, whilst our expansion as an MGO is critical, our primary objective for the 2016 year is to ensure that our promotion of E-Sports and news initiative is running fluently as well as developing a strong brand and positive image for our DOTA 2 team

Finally I would like to thank every single person who has contributed and will be contributing into making Mythic Gaming what it stands for today and for what we will achieve in the future. The last few weeks have been extrmely busy in establishing ourselves and I would like to thank each and every one of you for assiting in the development of Mythic Gaming.  

Michael ‘Mykill’ Adkin (Developement)
Arthur ‘Hybrid’ Whitehead (Internal Graphics)
Pedro ‘Strogonofy’ Loureiro (Graphics - Logo creation)

I would also like to welcome and introduce our journalists that will be joining us for the 2016 year!

Nicholas "PHAZED" Kuhn (Call of Duty and CS:GO)
Timothy "Kuhnchun" Kuhn (DOTA 2)

Mythic Gaming would like this opportunity to once again thank everyone involved. Please follow the Mythic Gaming Facebook page, our Twitter handle and our Instagram account for regular updates and information based on our progress.


Mythic Gaming

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and other contributors. These views and opinions do not necessarily represent those of Mythic Gaming or any related divisions of the Mythic Gaming Brand. Mythic Gaming, its name, colours and logo's are soon to be a registered Trademark. 



Nicholas Kuhn

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